Picture Storytelling: The Never-Ending Churches

“If there’s one thing you’ll see a ton in Europe, it’ll be churches.” -a friend If there is a unique yet consistent element that stands out among the many pictures I have taken and admire when scrolling through, it would be the churches.      I am by no means a religious person, simply put … Continue reading Picture Storytelling: The Never-Ending Churches


It’s Time to Think Critically and Ask Important Questions

    It seems like there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t hear something new regarding Trump. The most recent news involves Trump making the false claim regarding election fraud. Using his favorite medium of communication and social media outlet, Twitter, he tweeted out Sunday afternoon, “In addition to winning the Electoral … Continue reading It’s Time to Think Critically and Ask Important Questions

Travel Diaries: A Week in Turin

      My study abroad program started in Turin, the capital city of Piedmont-- a northern region of Italy, which is known for its refined elegance in architecture and cuisine. During my time there I was able to attend Terra Madre, a one-week conference focused on the Slow Food Movement, which focuses on the importance of traditional … Continue reading Travel Diaries: A Week in Turin