Bring it on: 21-days of Mindfulness + Gratitude

I'm taking on a 21 day challenge to practice mindfulness. Read on and join me on this challenge!


Experiencing Markets Abroad

     During my time in Europe, I’ve been able to visit various markets in Spain, Germany, and Italy. Markets ranged from Christmas markets in Berlin, Germany to local food markets in Rome, Italy. Each market was unique, with its own story and theme as evidenced by items carried and energy exuded. Visiting markets allowed … Continue reading Experiencing Markets Abroad

It’s Time to Think Critically and Ask Important Questions

    It seems like there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t hear something new regarding Trump. The most recent news involves Trump making the false claim regarding election fraud. Using his favorite medium of communication and social media outlet, Twitter, he tweeted out Sunday afternoon, “In addition to winning the Electoral … Continue reading It’s Time to Think Critically and Ask Important Questions