Introducing “Travel with Teresa” series


Exciting news!

     Today starts the launch of “Travel with Teresa” series, which will feature themed blog posts from my travel adventures. You can expect find snapshots, humorous stories and situations, and my personal thoughts and learning points.

     We will be starting in the lovely continent of Europe, home to 44 countries and myself. (for 88 days to be exact). Shout-out to the Schengen agreement!

     During my time in Europe, I was able to explore a total five countries: Italy, Spain, France, England, and Germany. The adventure began in August where I traveled with a buddy to Barcelona, Paris, and London for three weeks. This mini-travel adventure constituted as my vacation prior to my study abroad program (main reason as to why I was in Europe in the first place). My study abroad program was based in Rome, the heart of Italy. Throughout my program I was able to learn about gastronomy as well as explore and travel on weekends to different regions in Italy. To conclude my trip, I ended up booking tickets to Berlin, Germany.

     I’m excited to share my adventure abroad and hope to capture my experiences and lessons through this series. Themed posts include: “Picture Storytelling,” “Travel Diaries,” and “Thoughts.”  So grab your passports, hop on board, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

~And yes, I’m already planning my next adventure in Europe. The travel bug is a real thing 😉 ~


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