Picture Storytelling: Gelato Around the World

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     Welcome to Picture Storytelling, a part of the “Travel with Teresa” series and a compilation of images and graphics used to capture parts of my adventures abroad.

     On my travel adventure of three months in Europe, I’ve been spoiled with the best gelato. As a dessert enthusiast studying food anthropology in Italy, it was the ultimate dream come true. My first taste of gelato in Europe happened in the beautiful and romantic city of Barcelona. I remember going on a search for the perfect dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth craving. Most places were closed and I decided to go into the gelateria, and from that magical moment I grew a special appreciation for gelato.

     This special appreciation for gelato lead to my curiosity for the dessert itself. All around Rome, there were gelaterias. From all corners of Campo de Fiori, the uneven and cozy pavements of Trastevere, and boutiques along Monti. Gelato eventually became an aspect of my everyday life in Rome. When it came to looking for a cool treat to escape from the heat to a quick late night run to fix that sweet tooth craving, gelato was a huge part of my experience of the Italian culture and life in Rome abroad.

     With the curiosity and abundance of gelato in Italy, I decided to focus my final project on artisanal gelato. Through my project I was able to learn and delve into the rich history and culture of gelato as well as go through the process of making it. With the experience, I became ever so immersed in creating my own gelato experience.

     In this photo collage, I have captured pictures of the different gelatos I have tried throughout my adventures in Europe. Each image represents not only the delicious gelato itself, but a memory, a moment in time, and a place in which the gelato was savored and enjoyed in.

Join me on a stroll through gelato around the world 🙂 Andiamo!

*Feel free to check out the Gelato Stroll powerpoint below*

Gelato Stroll-presentation





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