5 Second Snapshot of London

London calling! 🙂

Landing in the U.K. was like a breath of fresh air. After traveling three weeks to three other countries, each with its own language and dialect, I was ready to be reunited to America’s motherland (U.K.). During my time in London, I was able to explore all the places I have read and heard about ever since a young age. And it was amazing. My visit there convinced me of the possibility of working abroad. London was a space that felt familiar (like home) yet different and exciting!


The Big Ben and clocktower of the Palace of Westminster (9/15)


The Rosetta Stone, inscribed and issued at 196 BC (9/16)



Home to over 8 million works, the British Museum (9/16)


After so many books and movies, the Tower of London (9/17)


The sunset in Oxford en route back to London (9/18)


Demonstration of number refugees in London, taken on the way to airport (9/19)



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