Travel Diaries: The Adventure Begins [Fiumicino, Italy]


Two days in Fiumicino. Alright, let’s go!



     Minari and I started the day leisurely waking up to our own accord. Sometimes just waking up to your own natural rhythm is the most relaxing and indulgent feeling. A treat for both of us from our previous day of flights and travel.  

    Our hotel was just a couple blocks from the beach so we knew that we would definitely check it out today. On our agenda for the day included figuring out our meals, meeting with my uncle’s good Italian friends, and of course the beach.

    After lounging in our beds we ventured into the creeping heat to the a supermarket that was in close walking distance. There we bought snacks as well as ingredients for our meals. We decided to go with creating our own sandwiches (something that’d be convenient to take on the go to the beach), buying bread, prosciutto, and cheese. Realizing that we were in need of more water, besides the one natural water and one fizzy water bottle in our hotel room, that was another item to buy on our list. At the supermarket, I was greeted with aqua naturale and aqua frizzante. Unsure of the difference (at the time, god forbid I do now), I chose to go with the latter option and came to realize that frizzante meant fizzy.  For dessert, we decided to go for tiramisu that we saw as we were in the checkout line. Better than ice cream, our original plan for dessert, as both of us were huge fans of tiramisu. Excited with our finds we headed back to our hotel to put together our meal and preserve the cool tiramisu in the creeping sweltering mid-afternoon heat.

After finishing up our delicious lunch and questionable tiramisu (it wasn’t that great), we headed off to the beach. Today was Thursday, September 1st. Interestingly enough, there was a good handful of people at the beach. It seemed like most people of the town were out on the beach. I was pleasantly surprised as it was mid-day of a work day, had this been in California it probably would be more empty. The view of the ocean was amazing, it was warm enough to go for a dip and there were many kids running about in the water with their parents tanning and watching.


     After soaking up the sun and realizing that we were going to melt, we headed back for a quick rest before we would meet up with Daniele and his wife, who were longtime friends with my uncle. Daniele lived near Rome and was helping Minari and I store our huge luggage while we were on our three-week travels before our study abroad program.


Tiber River

    When we met up with the couple, they were incredibly warm and friendly. I went in for a hug and was also greeted with cheek kisses, which I picked up quickly and had read about earlier with Italian greetings. The two of them picked up our luggage and told us that they wanted to help us figure out our SIM cards and lack of data conundrum. We spent the next couple of hours, chasing down telephone companies which were open (it was already almost past 5 pm) and most stores were closed. On our search running around the town of Fiumicino, we crossed a bridge over the Tiber River. Daniele’s wife told us the history of the Tiber River. Fiumicino, meaning the Town by the River, houses the river Tiber, which opens out to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The river is known as the main watercourse of the city of Rome since the ancient times and now. The river Tiber was also believed to be the river into which Romulus, who founded Rome, was thrown as an infant. Luckily with their help we were able to secure our phones with data and were set for the rest of our three-week adventure. Afterwards, Minari and I said our goodbyes to Daniele and his wife, thanking them for their warm presence, help, and kindness with us.  


     It was later in the night around 9 pm (right on Italian dinner time), when we were on the search for our meal. I usually at around 7 to 8 pm, so 9 pm to me was pretty late. Yet there were a decent amount people out eating; I took it as a sign that Fiumicino being a town filled with travelers and tourists probably meant for a unique special case with its different eating times (boy was I wrong). I had a Margherita pizza, and can I say that I was definitely surprised when the pizza came out and was almost the size of my arm extended. Our waitress was from Barcelona, and when we told her that was our next destination she was very excited for us. It was a special moment of connection, moment of surprise, and feelings of warm fuzziness.



yum yum

   After feeling completely stuffed from our delightful pizzas by the water, we took our time walking back by the beach. There is something so soothing about the sound of the ocean’s wave, that draws you in. It’s calming rhythmic pace brings a special moment of contemplation and peace. The next day we paid another visit to the beach before heading off to the airport for our flight to Barcelona. Needless to say, our two days in Fiumicino were a lovely relaxing taste of a snippet of Italy.

The next leg of the adventure leads us to….the beautiful city of Barcelona!


  • Huge pizza by the water
  • Loved the beach and the “rocks” (aka man-made)
  • Making our own sandwiches & “tiramisu”

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