Let’s Not Be the Next Amanda Bynes


I’m sure by now you’ve all probably heard about Amanda Bynes. If not, she’s that celebrity who is known for her not-so-kind and bizarre tweets. You may have seen her on the Yahoo homepage but refused to click on because you had better things to look at and read. This is where you’re wrong. Next time you stumble upon an article describing another erratic tweet of Amanda’s click on it! At first you’ll read the tweets and laugh and think to yourself, “What is there to learn about this?” But hold up, there is actually a valuable lesson that can be learned through the tweets by Miss. Amanda Bynes.

Earlier this month, Amanda tweeted out “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!” Of course the Twitter world was appalled and many tweeters were not happy. But this course of erratic behavior wasn’t a huge surprise in the Twitter world because Amanda is infamous for her Twitter rants. She’s been known to bash on Miley Cyrus, Jenny McCarthy, Rihanna, and a slew of others. She defends herself on Twitter by saying, “I tweet what I feel.” Unfortunately this lack of filter has lead to her rise with online haters. Many do not take kindly with each “ugly” tweet she posts. Because of her erratic behavior and tweets, Amanda has garnered a ton of negative social media attention.

It’s important to remember to always be aware of what you post and the content you post about on social media websites. It’s so easy nowadays to forget and over share on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes what you post can not only affect your online reputation but also your own personal reputation. In a fast paced world like today’s and with the amount of information shared on these social media sites, the line between online reputation and personal reputation is blurred. So if you’re ever unsure about posting something, just don’t do post it. Simple as that.

So for your entertainment and of course learning purposes, I will provide you the link to Amanda’s infamous twitter.



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