Bring it on: 21-days of Mindfulness + Gratitude

I'm taking on a 21 day challenge to practice mindfulness. Read on and join me on this challenge!


Introducing “Travel with Teresa” series

Exciting news!      Today starts the launch of "Travel with Teresa" series, which will feature themed blog posts from my travel adventures. You can expect find snapshots, humorous stories and situations, and my personal thoughts and learning points.      We will be starting in the lovely continent of Europe, home to 44 countries and myself. (for 88 … Continue reading Introducing “Travel with Teresa” series

It’s Time to Think Critically and Ask Important Questions

    It seems like there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t hear something new regarding Trump. The most recent news involves Trump making the false claim regarding election fraud. Using his favorite medium of communication and social media outlet, Twitter, he tweeted out Sunday afternoon, “In addition to winning the Electoral … Continue reading It’s Time to Think Critically and Ask Important Questions

World Finals: Imagine Cup 2017

There's a lot of excitement and buzz during the last week of July for student innovators and developers around the world. Otherwise known as the Imagine Cup World Finals, 54 teams from 39 countries travel to Seattle to compete in the World Finals. At Imagine Cup, the world’s young, aspiring entrepreneurs and developers collaborate to build … Continue reading World Finals: Imagine Cup 2017

Study Abroad Playlist (Europe Edition)

     Music has a way to connect. It can bring back old memories, emotions, and thoughts. During my travels abroad, music served as a place of comfort--a constant that never changed and all within my control, even when my surroundings were changing. Music was hearing the beautiful cello music every night from my apartment window in … Continue reading Study Abroad Playlist (Europe Edition)